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HID Globes

HID is short for High Intensity Discharge lighting. Instead of the light being emitted from a filament it is discharged from plasma. This system will involve a ballast in starting the light as well as certain gases in creating the light. Taken as a whole, compared to the halogen lighting this system will use less energy but will produce three times the light. The light is actually created from the electrical discharge that is between 2 electrodes in an environment of metal-halide salts and xenon gas in a light discharging tube. The electrons that are inside this tube will collide with these metal atoms and use volts that are produced from the ballast (control system) to generate light.
We supply HID Conversion Kits to replace all automotive bulbs including:
9005 HID Conversion Kit
9006 HID Conversion Kit
H1 HID Conversion Kit
H3 HID Conversion Kit
H4 HID Conversion Kit
H4 Hi Low HID Conversion Kit
H7 HID Conversion Kit
H9 HID Conversion Kit
D2R HID Conversion Kit
D2S HID Conversion Kit
D2C HID Conversion Kit
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